Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Note from the Blogger...

Let me start off by saying that I don’t consider myself a good cook. I usually need help boiling noodles and watching me chop an onion would be considered stand-up comedy in some parts of the world. Therefore I let me wife handle the pasta dishes and use the food processor whenever knife skills are required. The purpose of this blog is to document my trials and errors with live-fire cooking. I became obsessed with it a couple of years ago after seeing an episode of Barbecue University with Steven Raichlen on PBS. I already had a nice gas grill that I used to burn hamburgers, hot dogs, and the occasional flat-iron steak, but after watching that show I knew I had to get a smoker! A few months later I ordered a small Char-Broil offset barrel smoker and this past Christmas got my first Weber kettle grill. Living in Central Illinois I don’t get to grill that much in the winter but now that the warmer weather is almost here the grills will be fired up very often. This blog will serve as my online food diary, a place to post pictures and recipes of my triumphs and failures and maybe a product review or two. Right now I really enjoy reading bbq cookbooks ( I never thought I would say those words!) and usually take ideas and techniques directly from them as well as a few blogs I follow. Hopefully in the future I will start to branch off and come up with some of my own rubs and sauces to experiment with. Hope you enjoy reading MyThreeGrills and please feel free to leave comments and suggestions.

10 Things about Me:

1.       No matter what dish I cook on any of my grills, there will always be something I criticize or do differently the next time. It drives my wife absolutely CRAZY!!
2.       I don’t like fish…I don’t like it in a house, I don’t like it with a mouse. I don’t like it here or there, I don’t like it anywhere.
3.       In my Weber I only use Kingsford charcoal, in my smoker I use Royal Oak Lump exclusively. If either one of these companies would like to endorse my blog and throw some fuel my way, please feel free…
4.       I don’t use steak sauce. My steaks get salt and pepper and maybe some olive oil before they head to the grill. I’m not opposed to compound butter or salsa after they come off but never steak or barbecue sauce and certainly never KETCHUP!!
5.       During the long Illinois winter my weapon of choice is a La Creuset cast iron dutch oven we got as a gift this past Christmas…I seriously don’t know what I would do without it, it’s awesome!
6.       My refrigerator staples are Frank’s Redhot, Sriracha, Tabasco, Sweet Baby Ray’s and Country Bob’s All Purpose Sauce.
7.       I’ve never met a chicken wing I didn’t like…and my heat limit is between 200,000 and 300,000 Scoville heat units.
8.       I never thought I would have my own blog…I also never imagined I would ENJOY reading cookbooks!
9.       I’m very particular about my hot dogs (I prefer all beef)…I’m less particular about my bacon (I’ll eat whatever bacon you put in front of me, even turkey).
10.   I claim no regional affiliation when it comes to barbecue…I like it all!

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